Lose the Heat – Police Pursuit Action

lose the heat


The whole point of gaming is to immerse yourself in some escapist entertainment for a short while to forget about the world around you, and few things allow you to do this more than destructive driving games. Because many of us spend so much time on the roads abiding by the many laws which govern on-road conduct of vehicle owners, it can be quite refreshing to dive into a driving game where fewer laws apply, if any at all. Of course, you’ve got the ever-popular driving/shooter/action-adventure hybrid Grand Theft Auto V currently selling massive numbers across the world, allowing people to commit various crimes on the road. If we look at browser-based games, the limitations of the platform of course come into play, but one of the best driving games I have recently played is Lose the Heat, a getaway/police pursuit game with huge potential.

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Gumpert Apollo Supercar

The Gumpert Apollo was created in 2005 designed initially by Marco Vanetta along with Roland Gumpert and Roland Mayer the owner of Audi. This mid engine supercar built with Audi components has a twin turbo V8 engine making it one of the fastest cars of its type. Gumpert make some pretty fantastic claims regarding this car such as the fact that it could be driven through a tunnel upside down at over 190mph successfully although this has yet to be proven but priced at 260,000 Euros it certainly compares favourably price wise with other supercars around today.
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Noble M600 Supercar

Noble M600

The Noble M600 Supercar was built in Leicester in 2010 by the Noble team and was shown at the Autosport International Racing Car Show recently receiving excellent reviews while winning critical acclaim. Lovers and enthusiasts of the car will be able to view the most recent model in Monaco this year when it will be exhibited in April while with only fifty cars to be produced per year they may be in demand.
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Zenvo ST1 Supercar

The Zenvo ST1 supercar is a world class vehicle of Danish origin. The name itself is a combination of the names of the two men who designed the car namely Jesper Jensen and Troels Vollertsen. The company was started in 2004 on the Danish island of Zealand with the prototype car being built by 2008 plus testing and trials completed by 2009. Danish car designers have long been acknowledged for their superior designs so the Zenvo ST1 with its superior quality was no surprise to the car enthusiast. A mere fifteen cars were built all for specified and approved customers making it a unique vehicle much admired.
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McClaren F1 Super Car

The Mclaren F1 certainly deserves its title of supercar. The technical dream of McCaren director Gordon Murray along with stylist Peter Stevens it is the most sought after car on the used market bringing fantastic prices to back up its reputation for excellent performance. 1988 was the year the concept began to become a reality when the McClaren team following a very successful year on the track decided to build a car for the road. With money no object the dream was to become reality as the teams idea for a supercar that would be suitable for everyday road use was born.

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Project Gotham Racing 4 Game Review

Project Gotham Racing 4

This is the fourth game in this series of Project Gotham Racing and just when you think that the game can’t get any better it just did! More vehicles, brand new rides, fantastic new weather conditions, more online entertainment along with superb graphics and effects this game is a real winner. Get behind the wheel to enjoy the ride of your life and see for yourself what a great follow on this is.

The car choice in the game is endless while you don’t just have the fantastic top of the range selection such as Ferrari’s to drive you can just as easily select a truck or a humble Mini Cooper. This game also has motor bikes to ride which once again include from top to bottom of the range vehicles for your amusement. Its very different riding the bikes as they are quite easy to manoeuvre are speedy off the starting grid and help you gain useful points to help you win and move on.
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Enzo Ferrari Car

enzo ferrari

The Enzo Ferrari built in 2002 and named after the owner of the company is a twelve cylinder mid engine berlinetta. It was built to celebrate Ferraris first Formula One title of the Millennium using technology derived from Formula One racing giving it a body made from carbon fibre/aluminium honeycomb sandwich panels, C/SiC ceramic disc braking system and electro hydraulic shift transmission along with features not seen in Formula One such as active aerodynamics.

Created by Ken Okuyama celebrated Japanese car designer it was introduced at the Paris motor show as a limited edition model with only three hundred and forty nine cars to be produced at the asking price of $659.330 and was offered to existing customers who had bought Ferrari cars previously. They were all actually sold to these customers before they even went into production such was the anticipation for this model. A further fifty models were built subsequently bringing the total number to three hundred and ninety nine. Following this, one more car was built after one model was involved in a fire bringing the grand total built to four hundred.
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Forza Motorsport 3 Game Review

Forza Motorsport 3 is simply by far one of the best racing games ever created. It is superior in every way to other editions in this genre so must be played to be appreciated. Fans new and old will have hours of motor racing fun that you will find hard to leave once started. Why do I say this? Well to begin with this game has over four hundred vehicles to select from giving you endless possibilities in terms of play. You don’t have to necessarily wait to work your way up to race the better models while even the lower class vehicles are superb in themselves.

Each car you take out onto the track feels different to drive making every race unique. The tyre hugging quality is vastly improved in this edition so giving your vehicle better control regarding grip. You can play the game with assists (braking mechanism or traction control) on or off its entirely up to you as both methods have their unique playing qualities. Beginners and experienced alike will appreciate the racing excitement Forza 3 has to offer.
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Race Driver Grid Game Review

Race Driver Grid

Grid is a fabulous racing game that can compete with any other production in this genre. It is sleek, stylish and with its fantastic graphics that make the player feel that he is on the actual race track it is unsurpassed in quality. There are twenty racers on the

Dirt 3 Game Review

Dirt 3 is a fantastic follow up game that delivers on all levels. This off road racer game has superb new features that will keep you playing for hours and is everything I anticipated and more. There is a split screen multi player option, tons of vehicle choices and classes including vintage cars and ultra modern looking trucks, changing weather conditions to contend with along with a host of difficulty levels keeping you glued to the screen for hours, while the hundred or more circuits give you tons of choice.
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BMW x Drive Challenge Game Review

BMW XDrive Challenge

There are many racing games that are produced solely to advertise certain cars namely games that are made to play on Face book. These games are mostly of good quality and can be exciting to play as it certainly is with BMW x Drive Challenge. This 3D game is great as a short piece of entertainment plus it is one of the best of its kind in my opinion.

There are four fantastic BMW cars to choose from to speed along an array of tracks and roadways in all kinds of weather. The controls are acceptable but watch out for the braking controls as they can be tricky. One minute you are braking carefully the next minute you can find yourself doing a crazy spin leaving you feeling out of control. That said it is great fun with plenty of thrills and spills to keep your attention.
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Mole Kart Game Review

mole kart

Mole Kart is a very similar game to Mario Kart but is none the less a good 3D racing game to play. The controls are easy to use which is good for beginners. You can control your car from the screen or alternatively use your own device to control the race its up to you. The tilt and slide mechanism is easy to control plus there is a button for drifting and braking. Acceleration and speed are good in this game along with speed boosts plus weapons to help you win the race.

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R C Mini Racers Game Review

rc mini racers

This is a really superb fast paced racing game that brings all the thrills and spills alive on the screen before you. You have nineteen remote controlled mini cars to play with, three free ones plus sixteen that you have to release within game play. There are missiles for you to use or mines to avoid plus you can customise your car in the pimp workshop by changing its colour its wheels or its antenna. Its all great fun and totally consuming so that once you get started the hours will fly by.

The game has 24 race tracks along with sprint races where rules certainly don’t apply while the coin race mode enables you to collect coins to use in the in game shop. There are four difficulty modes to select from starting with easy moving along to medium then speedy and ultimately insane mode.

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Retro Racing Game Review

Retro Racing game is based inside the world of Formula 1 where you will drive the race of your life to win, so becoming champion. Having enjoyed previous games of this ilk such as Rally X I was looking forward to taking my car out on the track to burn some rubber and I wasn’t disappointed!The controls are easy to master such as steering or sliding around the track (there are twelve in all)while a quick tap for left, right or accelerate sees you well on your way.

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Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Game Review

.Sonic & Sega All Star Racing

All you Sonic and Sega fans out there! What could be better than a racing game incorporating all your favourite stars? This game does just that combining all the favourite characters we all know and love into one unique racing game. The star of the show of course is Sonic along with Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Big the Cat. In the All Stars group are Super Monkey Balls Aiai, Billy Hatcher, Amigo plus assorted characters that can be bought with Sega miles. Even if you are new to the Sonic series and don’t know the twenty or so characters the game is equally enjoyable.

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Wheelman Game Review


This video game based upon a movie is certainly full of excitement and thrills. Fans of the action game along with driving fast cars will love this one with its state of the art driving controls plus the slow motion gun play it will keep you playing for hours. Vin Diesel who action movie fans will know well features as the character Milo Burik who plays an under cover secret agent who is trying to break into three of Barcelona’s notorious street gangs.
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Playroom Racer Game Review

Playroom Racer is a game that will bring memories of you childhood playing with toy cars and other vehicles truly back to life. Suitable for iPhone for iPad you will step back in time to childhood days controlling the vehicle of your choice to drive around a vibrantly coloured playroom race track. Your aim basically is to race round collecting stars so unlocking further race levels. There are four superb levels to play along with two modes timed or star. Timed mode enables the player to practice to improve their time while star mode lets you speed about collecting your stars to add to your stash.

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